Of all things we may owe
Our fellow human beings

Do we owe them our lives?

Save from needy young ones
That we ourselves bring forth
Do we owe our lives
To any other

Are these lives not our own
To live and do
As we please
Choose what battles we may
And retreat from all others

And if life be a battlefield
Can we choose to retreat

And why not?

If all deaths are mourned regardless
If I choose my own
What’s the difference?

To retreat from life
Is just another way to die

Like stray bullets
Or disease
Or a slumber that never ends

To retreat from life
Is just another way to die

Who’s to say I must stay
That I must hang on tight
Despite the gashes on my palms

Who’s to blame me
For letting go
When the pain becomes too much to bear

And who’s to call me cowardly
For not fighting
Who’s to say I must fight
For a thing that’s become valueless to me

If I choose to go
It is no special feat

Why can’t I be mourned
And be let go
As though I died from other means

Why must people claim
I went before my time?

Of all things I have no control over
This life is my own
And any way is a way to go

It may be old age
It may be depression
It may be a battle
I can’t possibly win

This life is my own
I don’t owe it to anyone

If there is one thing I can choose
Its when and how to leave


2 thoughts on “A LEAVE FROM LIFE

  1. Nice post except you can’t choose when or how you leave it either. I know I tried and it backfired. Just go read the “Inside me deeply” series it’s 6 total posts but one covers my suicide attempt that almost worked. We can’t really choose when nor where but we can choose to live each moment the way we choose. 🙂

    1. Hahahaaaaaaa! Okay that is not a laughing matter! *serious face* I will read that and comment. I never got to actually attempting suicide. I made a bet and my win meant I had to live. I won the bet and so here I am. I think there are foolproof ways to make sure it actually happens but am not looking into them right now lest I be tempted yet again 😀

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