Why do people pretend? Doesn’t it take up so much energy pretending? Why would you pretend to be a friend to someone when in real sense, you aren’t?

Three years in campus and its now I am realizing that I have been courting some super-fake friends all along. I know we’ve never really been friends as in BFFs ; we merely happen to share friends and classes.

And I value people who keep their distance because they don’t like me for whatever reason, but what I fail to understand is a Judas who hugs you but rolls her eyes in contempt behind your back.

Why would someone pretend to be nice to everyone they don’t like?  There is no rule that one must like everyone! Why would you pretend to like me when in real sense, you don’t? I never take it personally that someone doesn’t want to be my pal and stays off. So why would you, a so-called friend, go say nasty shit behind my back then come back and smile at me like I’ll never know what you said against me?

I have met this type in high school- and I thought campus people outgrew that but turns out, it’s a lifetime thing. It’s raining fake friends!

Bad mouth me and stand by it even when I ask – I have respect for this type of bitch. The kind I know is an enemy for whatever reason and we stay off each other’s paws.

To the other type, grow up girl. Get a life and do shit with your life rather than gossiping about people who are supposedly your friends. Grow balls enough to not like someone and not pretend to like them. Grow some fucking balls!


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