Burn them-

Gifts, trinkets, Photographs-
Burn every piece of them
Till there is nothing left
For the hands to touch
Or the eyes to see



When we cannot speak
Touch or see each other
Like it or not,
The heart forgets


It begins with the face
And how I can’t call to mind
Your smile
Or the way you look
When you laugh


How you kissed
How your lips felt on my neck
And even in fantasies
I forget
How you felt inside me


The person that pins me down
Morphs into a faceless shadow
That over time vanishes
Into black nothingness


And I know for sure
The only way to forget someone
Is to never see them
To never talk to them


Act not as though they were dead
But as though they never lived


Extinct or unborn


And soon
It don’t matter where you are
What dealings you engage in
What victories you honor
Or defeats you mourn


Your ailments are yours
As my wounds are my own
We are no longer one


And while I thought then
I would die with wanting you
I realize now
There is nothing at all
That cannot be overcome
In time


Not a person, not a moment
Not the most exhilarating experience


There is no feeling so grand
As to never be able
To be forgotten




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