I am taking a unit in photography this semester and once again, I have caught myself complaining about the lack of a DSLR and feeling like I am settling for less by using a compact digital camera. (which is pretty silly considering I have access to the compact and not the DSLR)

A friend of mine bullshitted my claim that DLSRs are superior (which of course they are) but he went ahead and showed me what a compact can do. I have known this camera to take great photos but it took me Googling photography by compact digital cameras to see just what great photos you can get with one. It must have been whiny old me because I have taken great photos even with my sister’s camera so the lack of a DSLR shouldn’t mean I can’t take good photos!

At the end of the day, it’s not about having the most superior form of equipment; it’s about doing the best you can with what you have- and that’s not really settling for less. Its improvising and being creative- and that’s always a great thing.


2 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHY WOES

  1. I agree completely. Some of my favourite blues guitarists first guitar was a wire on a barn door. Hopefully one day DSLR cameras will be a reasonable price but until then I love my compact.

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