I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day… Argh! Don’t give me that look; I will fucking kill you. (Valentine’s day makes singles defensive, so there!)

Yes, I have never celebrated valentines and no, I am never depressed by that fact. For me it’s always been a day when people do a lot of PDA and get mushy without feeling weird about it.

Valentines 2014- I made sure to keep away from anything red.

Agatha, Me, Ceci
Agatha, Me, Ceci

My belt had a bit of red and that irked me- but not too much. I loved most of the dresses girls wore; even the red ones I admit- and I hated most of the red shirts men put on. I also went one on one with people who believe in valentines and for the first time in my life (I swear) it hit me just how serious people take Valentine’s Day. Apparently, for some guys, the kind of gift they gave determined whether they would get laid and that super-shocked me. It did!

I didn’t know of all days, a chic (unless she was rolling or just not in the mood) would deny her dude some bed action just for a power rush! And I feel sorry for engaged guys who didn’t get laid on Valentines for whatever reason. It’s sad, seriously. Those are the kinds of guys you’d consider giving a pity fuck! Hahahaaaaaaaaa! [Just kidding! It would take a lot to give a guy a pity fuck B-) ]

At the end of that day, there was a fashion show at K.U. from which I left early because the clothes were straight from shops and thus boring. So I settled in my warm room, wrote some and watched Trevor Noah’s The Day walker (its a standup comedy but I didn’t watch it because  I was depressed or anything! Go to hell!)

I still think -as I always have- that Valentine’s Day is overrated and I have a good mind of deliberately ignoring it even when I get me a steady guy. That will be the one day where we MUST keep off each other and it’s alone time 😀 .

I love me every day of my life and I show myself just how much each single day. So if having a man means waiting for FEB 14th to get the chocolates and the special treatment, seriously dude,  GTFO.


Written in response to The Weekly Post- My Funny Valentine?

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