I have abandoned my blog for a long time. I know! The simple reason being- I just didn’t know what to post. I was busy working on another blog which is also a baby I love to bits (not a human baby- You know how I feel about those:-D) I have also been really caught up with class work and completing my projects since most of my exams are practicals.

After making my Grim Reaper for Costume And Make-up class

Don’t be fooled though; it hasn’t been all work and no play. I have been attending awesome events too (Sure I got in with  complimentary tickets but so what! :-D) The following was a the premiering of a film a few pals of mine had taken part in. See more about the event here.

Anyhow, these days I just don’t feel like writing- at all! Then I write something and tell myself its crap- which is totally stupid since I let that habit go months ago! I haven’t been short of inspiration though- every movie I watch in some way tells me that dreams can come true and that life can be beautiful and that a writer must write. Every day I find a reason how life can have a point and while I don’t see that point many times, I still get reasons to hang in there. That’s a good thing.

My exams begin next week for one week; then I have to finish a 120 page screenplay by the next one…then I can take a two week break and be a couch potato. Oh! The bliss!

I cant wait to get back to creative writing too- I am behind by many many stories but mark my words- I will have my 52 short stories!



2 thoughts on “MY DEAR FORGOTTEN BLOG…

  1. The natural life of a writer 🙂 Good luck with your exams. I’m sure once they’re done and you have time to relax the blog posts will flow freely once again.

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