Like the fact that
Awful things do occur
For no apparent reason
So I learn too that
Only the survivors
Get to firmly claim
How every calamity
Is for a greater good and cause

The deceased have no such opinions or testimonials


6 thoughts on “OPINIONS OF THE DEAD

  1. Excellent perception Hellen.
    There is one saying that throughout my life I have heard many times and every time I hear it I have to restrain myself from exploding into a million pieces.
    “God works in mysterious ways”, hmmm, try telling that one to the dead.
    Brilliant writing Hellen, you have inspired me to write a cheeky poem, check press for details.
    Take care.

    1. Hahaaaaaaaa! Thanks Mark and do share that cheeky piece 😉

      I totally hate that saying too- some woman even went as far as saying the same about an abused girl who fell pregnant by her dad and I was like “Are you freaking serious?!”
      Also I was thinking more along the lines of suicide and how people throw around the saying “God cannot give you what you can’t handle.”

      1. Hi Hellen, my cheeky poem is on my blog, but here it is also…
        If I was God…

        I would extinguish the Sun for a split second,
        and move everything around a little bit.
        Mountains, forests, oceans…
        Then ignite the Sun once more.
        Just for a laugh.

        My ways are mysterious…

        I had one comment on it that said,
        “A lot of us would just scratch our heads and go on, but there would probably be some Obsessive-Compulsives around having a slightly brutal day.”

        Hmmm, how do I reply to a comment like that, I’m thinking that perhaps he is God and he is trying to double bluff me or he is just very religious and he has helped me to prove my point. Who am I to say, all I know is that I work in mysterious ways.

        1. LOL! Or you could make the earth flat! That will surely discredit science and have masses flock back to your mysterious ways!

          P.S- I had a disturbing thought recently about this god issue. What if this whole time, there was never a devil. It was always just god?

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