I made me a wallpaper I stuck in my room to remind me every morning, my target for 2014. When I started this year, I called it my “creative writing” year when I was to produce 52 short stories if only to be disciplined and to prove that I could stick it out and write the novel I started years ago and stopped on account that it seemed too daunting.

This is the sixth month and I am yet to publish 46 stories. Publish is the key word here. I caught myself wondering how I have been wasting my time before realizing that I have actually been doing lots and lots of writing. It’s just not published yet. And so I will edit the raw works and catch up to my 52 shorts target.

Also, I have gotten into screenwriting and realized I like it a lot. There are scripts I won’t produce myself but if they can help someone in some way, I’d very much love that. So I have decided that I will not treat my screenplays as independent works that aren’t part and parcel of my creative writing.

At the end of this year, I plan to self publish a book and I will call it #52 shorts (don’t steal my name you slimy thief :-P). In it, I will majorly include short prose fiction and some screenplays which can be adapted or whatever. Who knows, maybe I will include two short films I plan to work on this holiday. Seeing as I tell stories through different media- currently writing and filmmaking – why not merge the two. After all, I love fusions!

Wish me luck! Or better yet, link me to a writing prompt :-).


4 thoughts on “#52 SHORTS CONTINUES…

    1. Totally! I hate feeling like I should be concentrating on one thing and not another- and seeing as screenwriting is something I love too, why not eh? Cheers 🙂

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