Want to be part of a book: Why do you write?

Why do I write? I write for many reasons including the fact that I like to remember things as they truly were without my mind twisting facts, and so for me, writing is a preservation of voices and thoughts I’d like to look back and recall. Currently however, my biggest reason for writing is summed up in my need to be heard. I like to tell my own stories the way I see them so that no other person can make false assumptions or speculations about things I know for a fact.
Most ignorant people are that way because they haven’t come across the right type of information- and so I write to tell them like it really is. I can’t stand my own ignorance, so I read a lot and in return, because I also can’t stand other people’s ignorance, I write.

Write to Wrestle

I’ve got this idea for another book. I’ve got a title, I’ve got a bit of a visual, and I’ve got the general gist for the content.

I want real people, people who write and love writing, to share about their love of writing. I want to inspire people that anyone can write, anyone can create and anyone can benefit from the tool that writing is.

Just by hearing other people talk about writing, I get inspired and motivated and excited and sometimes I learn something.

So, I’ve got a bunch of questions I’d like people to answer in any creative way they want to: a poem, lyrics, an essay, a sentence, a scrapbook page, a drawing, a story, Q & A – whatever style you like to do your writing in. You can be philosophical, conversational, literary, blunt, whatever.

I want to compile the answers that inspire, motivate, excite…

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