What do you think this is?




  1. “P.s- Whatchyu doin’ in the forest ;-)”

    I’m meeting up with some squirrels and we are planning to overthrow the government and when we come to power there will be free nuts for everyone…

    Well… seriously, I just go to the forest for a wander and to get some peace and quiet, although there are squirrels there also, but they aren’t politically radical.

    1. Ha! Squirrels are so scared of us, I wonder if they could plan a coup. Oh wait…could it be a strategy? We think they are harmless and then…

      Nah! I don’t mind either way. It will be so cute taking orders from a squirrel! 🙂

      I rarely see squirrels here but I wish they were curious like cats- and then I would make friends with one and keep it as a pet! Enjoy your peace and quiet. My happy place is the rooftop of the three storey building we live in. Nice place to look down at the world and pretend I rule it. (Also great for spying on my neighbors! )

  2. Hi Hellen,
    At approximately 3.13 this very morning I was staring at this picture, which I initially thought were stairs, to try and see what many other pictures my mind could conjure from it’s depths. Although I had been awake for the previous 2 and three quarter days I was enjoying the challenge set before me and the fact that my sleep deprivation was causing me to have periphery hallucinations designed to drive me towards insanity, did not detract my mind from the task in hand. However, all my efforts began to take their toll on my weary brain and then I noticed that you had spelt “experiment” as “experiement”, which was no doubt a simple spelling error that you never noticed. Unfortunately, to me in my deluded state it was a cleverly constructed clue that would surely lead to the answer of what the picture may be.
    You’ll be glad to hear that my body took control of my mind and whisked me away into a heavy slumber before I was allowed to dwell too long on the “deliberate spelling error is a clue” theory.
    Today when I returned to the picture I placed the mouse pointer over it and right clicked and selected “open image in new tab” upon which it opened in a new tab and in the address bar at the top was yet another clue…

    I’m still unsure of what this clue fully means…
    But anyway… is it iron sheets or stairs?

    Hope all is well with you in your world at the moment. I’m really liking your recent photographs in your blog and their imaginative titles… “A Theta Sun” and “Golgotha”, excellent.

    I must dash now… I have an appointment with the forest in 37 minutes.
    Take care, bye.

    1. Hahahaaaaaaaaaa! Mark that theory of “The deliberate spelling mistake…or is it?” would have driven you insane somehow! That was definitely a typo *cringe* and I’m just from lecturing a pal about his many typos! What a lovely human being I am eh?!

      I had been hoping someone wont find the title I’d put (“Iron sheets or stairs”) and I even opened the image in a new tab and hovered my mouse over it. When it said “OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” I was pleased as punch and felt super clever- but I didn’t check the address box!

      Its Iron sheets. My sister was so convinced it was stairs that only the fact that there are no such wide stairs at home deterred her!

      And I’m glad you like the photos 🙂 Been out of touch with photography of late and it seemed such a shame especially now that a friend lent me his camera and I have it 24/7. No excuses for not practicing now!

      P.s- Whatchyu doin’ in the forest 😉

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