There is this question I ask myself sometimes: What makes a person Kenyan? Being born here…being married here…Seeking asylum, applying and going through the annoying channels to rightfully be here?

I am Kenyan because I’ve been here since birth. I have a right to be here- and so do many other people who have made it to this country and work each day to make it better in their own small way.No one should be forced to move from the place they are happiest and most productive. No one should be made to feel like they don’t belong when they have given their all to rightfully be here.

And how do we treat our guests? We make fun of their foreign habits and the way the look; then we buy them a drink and mimic their funny dancing styles on the dance floor just to have a laugh and make a friend. And we ask them out again next time,becauseΒ  who knows; maybe they will but US a drink. Deep down, we know everyone has something positive to add to us in some way. Exchange is no robbery; that is the Kenyan way.

And we belong to very different tribes but when I’m in town and I have less fare, I will ask anyone next to me to help out because they are here and they understand Kenyan problems like the fare suddenly hiking because its raining!

What makes us Kenyan? The fact that life sucks sometimes but we stick it out and we stubbornly stay and say “THIS IS HOME AND I WILL FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT WORK!”

Yours truly,

Stubbornly Non-Conformist


Love to Hear Your Views!

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