???????????????????????????????Taken from the 20th floor of G.P.O. Building one Sunday afternoon


4 thoughts on “KIPANDE HOUSE

    1. Had to Google tilt “shift” by the way but saw the images and understood what you were talking about 🙂

      Seems like my use of tilt shift was absolutely accidental- or it could be that I had tweaked the camera settings to a pin hole effect and it came with that maybe? But thanks for your comment!

  1. Cool photo Hellen and I like the almost ‘nonchalant’ poetic title that you have given it. There is something about that green stripe across the front of that building that adds something to the overall picture.
    If I was a parent I would be saying “What on earth were you doing all the way up there on a Sunday young lady?”, but I’m not, so I won’t.
    I’m just about ready to burst back into the blog world anytime soon (possibly). It just seems so much effort sometimes, but fear not, I have recently acquired a bountiful source of energy.

    Here is a blog I have been reading a lot recently and it occurred to me that you may also find it very interesting… it is well worth checking out.

    Hope all is well with you and your world. Take care…
    My garden is calling me, so I must tend to it’s needs posthaste.
    Mark (little yellow smiley face, that looks as though it has been taking something big and fast and happy)

    … No sleep till Christmas…

    1. Thanks Mark! That building is actually called KIPANDE HOUSE and I couldn’t think of a different title (but just assume the nonchalant naming was deliberate :-P)
      I’ve always wanted to take a photo of that building- even from a ground’s perspective because its so out of the normal and dark and brooding you can’t really ignore it when you walk past. But it illegal to snap a pic without a stupid permit around town- Had to resort to capturing it from the 20th floor venue of a poetry event that was happening that Sunday. F.Y.I. My mother would be proud I was at that 20th floor for a poetry event- although I would probably leave out the part about almost leaning out the 2oth floor window to take a pic.

      And you totally should bounce right back to blogging! I’ve been trying to do the same but I’m stuck to posting random photos- which counts too- but I wish I was posting more writing 😦

      And added to that is the fact that I haven’t been able to read blogs as much as I’d like to. My phone sucks!

      Anyhow, loaded on my phone at least, so that’s bookmarked already 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I always like to read blogs from this side of the world- is teaching me too much of American culture and I don’t read enough about Kenya’s.

      Go right ahead and tend to your garden which I must admit- I am envious of! I wish I had a garden and I would keep one if only I didn’t have to leave a place every 2 months or so!

      Am looking forward to shooting a film this coming weekend but chances are it might not happen- so fingers crossed on that! Also going back to my hot hometown after this long cold season in Nairobi!

      Can’t wait to illegally take photos of Mombasa town 😀

      Catch you later…and what are you upto that requires insomnia till Christmas?

      Take care you!

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