There are days I spend
Smiling and warm
Down to my toe nails
And I feel like
There is beauty in everything

That life isn’t too bad after all

And I think I might even like
To live a little longer
That I might be even a little sad
To die and be no more

Then I think of living once again
All over again
Start it all from the beginning
One more time

And I falter

This toe curling euphoria
Like all else
Will be faded by time
And become over-shadowed
By future tears

Because unfair though it is
Just one pebble
Draws stronger
Wider ripples
Than a thousand gentle blows
From well-meaning human mouths

And so I must not dwell
On these fleeting feelings
Of happiness
Must not draw the profoundness
Of life
From a few heartwarming moments

Pain lasts longer
Is stronger
Touches deeper
Than any pleasure
Ever could


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