What Future Screenwriter?

As a 3 year old screenwriter, sometimes I wonder why fellow filmmakers look up to me as an uber-writer of sorts when I have more film ideas and concepts than actual finished scripts. Sure I blog and all but writing for film is something I have done very little of in comparison! I envy lots of my friends whose scripts have been made into films screened in reputable places and I sometimes wonder: where I am heading to with my scripts?

Sometimes I even wonder whether I am good enough for screenwriting and I have to tell myself time and again that just because one producer didn’t take up my script doesn’t mean it’s trash or that the stories I write should never see the light of day. To be fair, in the past some producers have refused to take up my stories only for others to pick it up and show even more enthusiasm for my story than I expected.

And so it stands-Different producers look for different things and surely there must be people out there who will get the kinds of stories I write about.

And while I think that perhaps my stories are doomed to be directed by just me, it is too early to rightfully make such a claim, so I will give my scripts a chance. I will try to not write off my ideas as undoable, and to gather more guts, I will post my current scripts here to get feedback on areas I can improve upon if need be. I won’t die from criticism anyhow. On the other hand, what I post just might give someone a film idea; who knows? Either way it’s a win- win.

And so I write…



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