Of Control Freaks and Creative Collaborations

A week ago, I embarked on making decorative pillowcases for my sister. Reconciling my love for denim and her desire to give her living room a make-over, I got the shade of denim she wanted and other pieces of cloth from Gikomba Market and got down to designing.

And I was excited! Oh I was so excited, I spent the better part of the day making sketches and even cutting the actual materials and patching them onto my scrapbook to get a clearer picture of how they looked like. My sister fell in love with this one :

I loved it too! It was so much fun patching the colorful pieces on paper like a miniature pillows in a doll house. Then came the actual cutting and measuring of the materials…

And I was still okay… sort of.

On Saturday however, after spending close to an hour hand-stitching the first patches, and undoing them severally because they weren’t straight, I was like “What the fuck have I gotten myself into?”

And angry and frustrated, with five more pillows awaiting, I up and went to the nearest seamstress; the one who resized my jeans just fine in the past. And explaining to her what I wanted and at what price, I left the patches pinned to the denim and went back home feeling lighter than ever!

Only a day later, the doubts I always have when I hand over my project to someone else, begun nagging me:

What if she messed it up and all amounted to nothing?

What if she chose the wrong zipper?

What if her finishing was untidy and the pillowcases came out…I don’t know; oblong?!

Of course much of this is needless worrying. She’s a seamstress for heaven’s sake- with a business that’s running just fine! And it’s square pillows she’s sewing not a freaking sequined dress!

So I will calm myself and wait for tomorrow. Her workmanship will decide 2 major things:

  • If it sucks, I will put off decorative pillows and give up on creative collaborations- settling instead, for waiting till I learn to machine sew on my own.
  • If it rocks, this is the beginning of an exciting partnership that will allow me to embark on more challenging designs that I have in my head but can’t execute alone, currently.

My fingers are crossed for the latter of course. I do love making jewelry but I’d love to do more crafty items. There’s so much I see on Pinterest and it seems a shame to not try out many of the designs. I want to create now, while I have the desire and not put off these ideas till a later time.

So till tomorrow…


P.S- Find my daily crafts on Instagram @hellenmasido.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angie Wali says:

    So, tomorrow came! And this sister absolutely loooooves the pillow cases!. I can’t wait to see them in my living room!………fingers tingling…

    1. hellenmasido says:

      Hahahaaaaaaaaa! In my list of things to do if she messed up, was to burn them up and act surprised if you ever brought up a denim pillows comment. 😛 Glad you loved them can’t wait to complete the remaining two

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