Wattpad is full of shitty stuff. No wonder my sister has installed and uninstalled it twice already by now. It however also contains gems of stories. After about a week of constant searching, you may be lucky to find two amazing stories to follow up and I must say I have been pretty lucky.

And those few gems are the reason why the Wattpad app is on my homescreen page.

See the place is full of mostly young writers trying their hand at writing or idle people who had thoughts and felt like publishing them to the world- and a whole other group of people that speak their mind with no holds barred. I think it is this group that has inspired me the most to stay on Wattpad. What better way to get feedback on your stories than from a community where people can correct a single grammatical error they came across? And granted it may not be professional feedback, but it will be honest and I’m counting on that for future stories I plan to post there.

What I love most about Wattpad is the freedom to make mistakes. I want to be comfortable to make mistakes in my writing. I want to write stories I might cringe at later when I’m better and I’d like to know exactly what people think of these stories. Blogging on WP has helped me meet great writers and see what they’re doing. However, placing myself against some of them is a little intimidating and I end up bullshitting my stories. Wattpad is a good place to gather more guts in my writing- and so I begun before I could talk myself out of it.

I’ve started a poetry collection which will consist of about twelve poems, most of which will be new works and a few old edited ones. The title is WAITING FOR CUPID. Don’t let it fool you; trust me it’s not what you’re thinking. Here’s the cover.

Image source : leafbreeze7 on DeviantArt
Image source : leafbreeze7 on DeviantArt

Already, I have two other book ideas I totally plan to follow up on after that and this whole beginning of a project whose end I don’t know of is really getting me excited and thinking creatively, which is great! I’m counting on getting more writing ideas from things I’ll read there and I hope to create works that can remotely be considered gems. And even more, I hope to connect with fellow Wattpad writers, just like I did on WP.





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