Even in complete solitude

Hearing voices and dead things speak

I would gladly go mad

In a castle floor to roof

Adorned in glassy panes

And a million story books

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4 thoughts on “Bookish

  1. Yoo Hoo, it is I… It’s me, Mark… Anyway I did intend to comment on this the other day when I saw but before I got the chance I ran out of internet credit. What else could I do??? I did the only thing that I could… I worked as waiter on roller skates for two nights solid, they treated me like scum, like I was their plaything, but all the time I told myself “You have to do this for Hellen, so you can comment on her poem”, and so I grew strong and I persevered until I had made enough money to buy some more internet credit. I took my pay and then threw their roller skates back at them and the silly hat that they made me wear and I walked out with my head held high (but with a twisted ankle… I can’t rollerskate… it’s really hard) and I went straight to the shop to buy my credit and then straight to here now for my message to you which is “It’s a very good poem Hellen”.

    I love it, I love it, I really do love it and I’m glad I’ve got the chance to say it eventually. It is so different for you, but in a wonderful way. I also like the fact that you said “Fuck Off” (am I allowed to say that here???) to punctuation, like how all the best short poems should. Punctuation is ok in longer poetry, but when you have such short lines you can imply punctuation by using good line breaks and then it seems less cluttered and consequently clearer.

    I do however have one issue with the poem and I hope you don’t take this personally but part of the reason I think you are so wonderful is because you are a bit mad (just like me), so therefore to say that you would “gladly go mad” is somewhat misleading. Although I admit that even though it would be more technically correct to say “I would gladly go madder than the mad that I already am, (like a box of frogs kind of mad)” I think that it would complicate the poem and therefore your initial choice of ‘pretending’ to be not mad in order to have the potential to go mad is a wise poetic decision.

    You’ll never be as mad as me because I am (according to my Granda) “madder than a box of frogs”…. Hmmm… It seems that I’ve done one of those wandering comments that started off with such honest intentions of being a straightforward comment that would tell its meaning in a brief and efficient manner… and then Mark took control of my mind…

    And another thing…. Woah!! Slow down woman you moving too fast for me. When I ran out of credit you had just posted your first post in a while and I was glad that you were back in blog world. In the three days that it took me to get back you’ve averaged two posts a day, how am I supposed to keep up with that, you know that I can’t write short comments, I’m going to have to buy some magic powder that will keep me awake for weeks and then get many more jobs as a roller skating waiter so I can afford all the extra costs… But fear not Hellen Hellen… I am ready for the road that has been chosen for me. I shall not fall (unless I’m on roller skates)

    Till the next time I send cosmic rainbows of eternal joy to you,
    Take care and have fun…

    Au revoir Mademoiselle

    1. Hahahaaaaaaaaaa! Who treated you most cruelly Mark? Show them to me and I’ll make an example *insert badass cowgirl-with-gun emoji*

      Any how, I’m trying the frequent posts thing to make me write more although the post a day seemed ish! You’ll have to read my blog with a notebook Mark 😀 Comment on my posts like they’re some deep philosophical essays. LOL!

      Pixie dust right back to you. Dump those roller skates and flyyyyyyyyy!

      Take Care 🙂

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