Publishing Flops and New Strategies

Turns out, Wattpad is more full of shit than I had earlier anticipated. Formatting poetry on it is a bitch as it keeps adding or eating up paragraphs, and after many tries, I got frustrated and decided against it. I will post my poetry right here and when I’m done posting the about 12 poems, I will have finished designing the book collection—the first of many to come.

Through this first experiment, I have also realized I write better when I work on a certain theme. For example, I wrote more than ten poems on the subject of love and all in a very short time, because each day I asked myself what I thought of the subject, and easily came up with my thoughts on the same because it was a subject at the forefront of my mind.

I still get easily bored with things but working in short bursts allows me to immerse myself completely before waking up one day and deciding to abandon ship as usually happens when a project goes on too long.

Once I am done editing the poems for this first collection, I’m psyched up to do a series of opinion pieces under a collection I will call LIES I WAS TOLD AS A GIRL– which is basically thoughts on things I was earlier taught that I have examined and found to be complete bullshit. I’m even thinking of having friends write on this and contribute to the collection! I’ll see how that goes…



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