Brace Yourselves For Sense8 Spoilers

So this friend from school got a part in the Netflix series Sense8 last year  and regardless of the fact that he wasn’t the lead, it was still a huge HUGE deal he got in on it! Not only that but another day in town with a pal of mine, I happened to find myself on their set when they were shooting the Kenyan crowd scene; they had blocked the whole street and had more than 500 extras walking that street. The filmmaker in me was super excited and I knew without a doubt I’d watch the series soon as it was released!

Plus, it’s a Kenyan habit to track every freaking Kenyan actor in a big movie so that we can smile in pride as if the actor knows us at all. 🙂

So I binge-watched Sense8 last week, and I have ranted and gushed on FB and IG but it is not enough! My ranting knows no bounds 😛 and so if you’re reading this, know you’re in danger of being subjected to Sense8  pieces in the next week or so. There will be videos of pure adoration, there will be words with unadulterated hate, there will be…Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.

Avoid my blog next week if you want no spoilers 😀 Consider yourself warned.


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