6 Most WTF Scenes in Sense8

6. The Orgy:

Yes, group sex is the least WTF scene in Sense8. Because right after the participating Sensates are done having mindblowing orgasms, the very next scene is this one:

5. Van Damme Dry Humping a Tub

Capheus’ face at the end does make me wonder; since the Sensates can feel each other, did he get a hard on from the orgy he wasn’t invited to. And is his expression an indication that he doesn’t understand why Van Damme and his tub are turning him on? Just wondering 😉

4. The Dick In Your Face!

So this chic is getting married to a guy she doesn’t love and Wolfgang shows up to her. He is naked. That much is apparent from an earlier butt shot. Only, the dick shows up and it’s like a royal Wachowski “Fuck you. We will show a dick if we fucking want to!”

3.  The Fall of the Strap-On

2. Wolfgang Shooting his uncle

I wasn’t sure whether this should take first place or not…

In most films, this shot would probably have been intercepted by something- or someone. Or have been shortened and cut to another shot. But no, he fucking shot him. In the fucking face. On fucking screen. I was like Dude! Take a fucking chill pill.

His callousness in this scene however, does help build up a later scene in the last episode of Season 1.

And for the most WTF scene in Sense8, the vaginas have it!:

1. The Live Births

If you’re into this kind of thing, don’t worry, there are 7 more to watch! Fun all round eh?

What I’m getting from Sense8 is that I should basically prepare for anything! I guess its a Wachowski thing to say “Fuck it! We will do what we please and we’ll get away with it because we’re freaking WACHOWSKIS!!!” In Kenya, the Wolf of Wall Street as well as the piece of shit that is 50 Shades of Grey, were banned for being “immoral”. Didn’t see any bans on Sense8 though.

Could this mean KFCB is becoming mature and sensible after all? And if so, well done! Really!


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