4 Annoying Mistakes Sense8 Made

I love reading bad movie reviews. I really do, because all bad reviews I have read so far are scathingly hilarious- and I love to laugh even though deep down, I respect what a labor of passion a film is. However,I’m not the type of person to watch a movie simply to point out it’s mistakes. I don’t go picking out faults like this:

I would never have noticed that. In Sense8 however, these mistakes just jumped out at me begging to be called out! And who am I to say no?

1. Continuity hitch in the Prison Painting

continuity issueWith a fight brewing between the two prison mates, it was almost easy to forget I saw the hitch at all. Only, its freaking RED paint right at the center of these fighting women!

2. The Forwarded Car chase

Kenyan films rarely have car chases and to have one, set right at Ngara– a place I go past many times- was super exciting. That was before I got to this part and I was like; wait a fucking minute! This shit is forwarded! And it’s not even subtle!

My woes however didn’t end there because…

3. Someone needs Geography lessons

This is somewhere in Ngara
This is somewhere near Nairobi Railways

What happens is that while in Ngara, the bus makes away as the gangster on the bike takes another route that is presumably a short cut to where he will meet the bus driver, Capheus. It is very efficient but only if you don’t know how truly far from each other, Ngara and Railways are. One does not simply drive through Ngara to get to Railways that fast.

4. The Falling Dummy of a Gangster

I understand they couldn’t hit a live human with a hurtling bike in the air as well but couldn’t the dummy have been more humanly. Better yet, the continuity is still off; the dummy is already at a lower point when the shot cuts to the annoying fall that positions the dummy higher than before. Couldn’t they just have cut to something else?


I would add that they got most of the Kenyan scenes wrong and most annoying was the accent on the Kenyan sensate , Capheus. But I have a whole post dedicated to that and to hating Aml Ameen , so that rant can wait. 😀



7 thoughts on “4 Annoying Mistakes Sense8 Made

  1. Episode 3, around the 26th minutes, the producer has his headphones on and off randomly.. He has them on while saying: “you know the guy who signs that cheq..” and off as he finishes the sentence..

  2. Episode 9 on the Van Damme when Capheus walks to Riley who suddenly appears and is sitting at the back of the bus, the whole bus is spinning! WTF?

  3. You nailed it. He shed his British accent and traded it for a Nigerian one to pull off his part as a native Kenyan, total mess.

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