6 Favourite Sense8 Scenes

Yes all the below are recorded and stored for personal reconsumption on my laptop. Judge me all you can! B-)

6- The corny line that won me over:

This is the part that made me fall hopelessly in love with this couple. Even when Lito later tries to shoot himself with a fake gun in eye-rolling scene where we all know he’s not going to die, it’s easy to forgive that false drama because he’s so lovable in everything else he’s done!

5. Adorable Hernando

Hernando is definitely my favorite character in all of Sense8. Perhaps it’s his looks, or those amazing glasses I would buy if they went with my face- or maybe it’s because he’s so freaking smart and silly as well! Seriously say he’s not adorable and I’ll smack you in the face! 😛

4. Lito dances for Hernando


3. Lito and Will meet after the orgy

I have watched this scene at least ten times and it’s hilarious every time! 😀

2. The exposition of Riley


Riley is the kind of character you meet and you know she’s fucked up in some way. Only, you can never guess in what way until she goes back to Iceland and everything comes crashing down for her; as it did for me as well.
It hit me so hard, I had to pause the film and contemplate the fuckedupness of life. The exposition of her pain and anguish makes this list of favorites not because I am sadist but because it involuntarily makes one desperately want to be with her.


The above scene had me calling for help like “Pleeeeeeease help her! Somebody… Anybody out there…god?” LOL! That last one didn’t feature. 😛

1. The Forgotten Generation Dance

The performance had me searching for the piece for days, only to discover the performances are actually happening- just not anywhere near Kenya 😦








2 thoughts on “6 Favourite Sense8 Scenes

  1. I totally agree with you for Lito and Hernando, just amazing! Hernando is really handsome! By the way, do you know what Hernando’s glasses are? A brand or something?
    I’m too excited to wait for the next season 😉

    1. Those glasses!!! Oh what I would do for a pair! Can’t wait for season two as well! I wish Netflix went like ‘y’all adorable so have this next season starting next week!’ Sigh….

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