Lessons from My Niece

Journal: Jan 10th 2016

My niece woke up distressed today; both her parents were leaving for work and school and she wouldn’t be placated. She called and called and called till her voice was hoarse and her coughing resulted into near vomiting. And at last, exhausted, she sniffled for some time before her eyes begun to droop and she fell into an angry slumber.

And I know many people insist how tantrums aren’t to be tolerated at any cost but I recognize in her, the anguish I too feel when life doesn’t go as I’d like it to. I just throw a tantrum in a different way. And I feel for her.

And as we’re bound to spend lots of time together I’d like her to learn now that even if you don’t get everything you want (now and for the rest of your life( I won’t tell her that last part lol)), it doesn’t have to feel so bad. You just find other things to grasp on to.

A strange toy to be so immersed in you forget life’s shittiness for a while , a cartoon to make you laugh or a walk to the shops to make you see what more of life there is.

You find other things to grasp onto.


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