Freeing Kenya Gaming Review

I wont lie: I’m not an uber gamer. I’ve never played PS and I still find FIFA a bother so that’s where I’m at. However, when I’m up for some gaming, I love me a good game. Sometimes my mind gets too tired to read and especially if I have no internet, it’s the games on my phone that step in to keep me sane. Think, Guess That Movie and That Level Again are my kinds of games. Limbo was a huge favorite but I got stuck on a level. I don’t want to talk about it😢😢😢


Anyway, when I heard about Freeing Kenya and found out it’s a gaming company and not some entitled NGO coming to save Africa, I was pretty excited. Plus when you hear an office is based around Westlands, you straighten up and pay attention.

Anyone that can afford Westie office space cannot afford to spend their remaining change developing a shit game like Grand Theft. So at least I was sure whatever game they had to offer was some legit stuff.

So three of us, Ngartia, Tonny and I, meet up at The Oval where the company is at, and my oh my! They have chocolate at the entry. (Mental note to visit more offices at Westie and see what yummies they have to tempt visitors)

The game concepts are pretty simple as we find out. Freeing Kenya deals with real escape games i.e. not virtual reality as in computers etc. What you do is choose a scenario that gets the daredevil in you revved up- and then you trap yourself inside one such scenario and use your brains to find a way out. (Why do we like to tempt fate? I don’t know! We’re like meerkats teasing poisonous snakes for lols!)

The current scenarios to choose from are Mirror of Love, Prison Chaos and Lost Chamber.

We chose Prison Chaos because we’re badass like that.

The Setting is this tiny room that’s dark except for a single dim light, and what happens is that you’re actually locked in from the outside. The other door you have to get to is the only one that opens from inside. There are clues all over the room and it’s up to you to piece up one clue that leads to the next and on and on.

A digital clock on the wall blinks the whole time, and all you have is 45 minutes to figure out all your clues and break out.

The tiny room will wickedly tickle the claustrophobic in you and you have the option of pressing a red button on the wall if you want out, but where’s the fun in that 😈😈?

Here’s three reasons why I was impressed by the game:

One, teamwork. 
I hate teamwork because of having to deal with people’s feelings, coupled with the huge possibility of conflicts,but for this game, I was glad as hell to be locked up in that room with Ngartia and Tonny.

Ngartia is a Know-it-All who somehow figures things out because he has help from the other side and Tonny, who I really didn’t expect much from 😂😂😂 ( Don’t feel sorry for him. He’s nasty like you have no idea) actually came up with lots of the clues in ways that made me suspicious about who he really is.


Each person in the team actually mattered and brought something precious, or saw clues you could never have envisioned, as in Tonny’s case.
Secondly, I don’t mind games that involve mindless shooting but I have especially deep respect for games that make you think, and for this one, you’ll use your freaking brain! There’s no cheat sheet where you can get a free clue by watching an ad like you can do on a phone game.

You get only what you think upon.

And even when the clues show up, they are not black and white at all. You must figure out how you’ll use the clue and if you get past the frustration, you’ll get to the adrenalin and that’s one amazing high.


Thirdly, breaking out feels like walking off unscathed, Joker style, in all your quirky awesomeness. You might not need validation that you’re smart but it does feel good to know that if such a situation were real, your mind and wits would bail you out.

We made it out in 34 minutes and I’d like to think we’d have made it out in much less time if the last member of Storyzetu was in😉😉. There’s a wall of fame at the entrance and I’d like to see if anyone will have topped our break out time next time I’m there; and there most certainly will be a next time mostly because I have a free pass, but also because I’m extremely curious to see what the other trapped worlds hold.

Several things I hope they consider:

Themes– I wish they made the prison walls appear gritty and all, to enforce the fantasy ( we are a disturbed bunch, I know)

Level Upgrades– I hope too, that they keep upgrading the different games into levels so that if one  visits severally, and chooses the same scenario, it’s not simply jumping through the same hoops.

I’m a game hog and if I had the time, I would go through all the worlds one long weekend, and then where would that leave me?

Anyway, if brain games are your thing and you’d like to have a fun weekend with friends ( or family),you can check the cool creators on their sites below, or you could just visit their offices and eat their chocolates while at it.


And if you’re a team that would love to fight for a top spot on the wall of fame and for bragging rights, the Storyzetu team is ready for a match. Name the day😎😎

N.B- Below is a video of my victory dance. That’s twerking and you can’t tell me otherwise! 😝😝



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