And yet another Pictory favorite



His was the first moustache I liked on a man. I kept staring while wondering what made it so likeable.
I was going under the knife in about half an hour, and he was fastening the straps on my robe when he saw the scar all over my back. He asked about the civil war.

I tried to be brief.

“They shot on sight, so we ducked and hang under the truck just in time. My baby brother lay on my chest with my back on the ground until the border. Everyone else died”
I wondered if it was ugly.
He said it was the sexiest scar he had ever seen – then fastened the anaesthesia mask before I could blush.

‘Pictory’ – A picture and a story speaking of and from each other.

Story – Annette Mumbi

Picture – Kimani Wandaka

KIMANI WANDAKA – images with life.

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