Okey this is hard- what is this blog about really…

Well it’s about me; The things I see, places I’ve been, happy, dark, weird thoughts I have and usually brutal honesty on things like depression and suicide; because I can handle anything from people except pity.

Writing is the one thing that gives me purpose in my life because for some weird reason, it feels damn good freezing moments and feelings, and storing them in a place I can always go back to unbury them. And I literally live for that ; to collect moments I can write about.

I have a soft spot for books, films, cats, and a million other things you’re better placed finding out from my writing.Β  I like exploring other people’s soft spots as well (That sounded wrong but move on swiftly…) so if you have recommendations for blogs you’ve also liked, holler and I’ll check them out!

P.S- I also write for Storyzetu.com if you’re one for stories from Kenya.



43 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I have been looking for more local blogs to follow and so glad I stumbled on here. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  2. Hi Hellen, you have a lovely blog. I like your free verse, and I’ll be catching up on more of your writing.

      1. That’d be great. right now I’m having issues with my newly launched blog, hope I’ll be able to fix it soon:-P

  3. Hi, have been trolling you since i read your Sense8 post, I love your blog, got a few pointers on blogging from you.

  4. Hi, hope all is well with ya… You have been missing for a while so hope you are having fun, or perhaps you joined a convent… Either way, I hope you are happy and happy Δ’ostre… Δ’ostre is a Goddess of fertility, it’s where the word Oestrogen comes from and also (shhh… I didn’t tell you this) the word Easter. As a child I was always bemused by eggs at Easter but now it makes sense. The moral of the story is, be careful where you leave your festivals and Goddesses, turn your back for one second and someone will grab them and run for the hills and when you see them again you will not recognise them.
    Be happy!!!

    1. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa! Convent! Yeah I thought I’d take a few tips about stealing holidays. I want to steal Xmas and make it an Kenyan thing- y’know just so we can own one of the most popular days in the world.

      I’ve been great- writing on the down low and dealing with school but now its over for a long time to come so! HERE I AM! πŸ˜€ Easter just breezed by as usual. This is the part where I agree, I was never meant to be a Christian.

      P.S- this Goddess of fertility thing…does it mean people during Δ’ostre should…you know…have lots of coitus?! πŸ˜€
      Take care Mark. xo

  5. Thank you Hellen so much for following my blog, I appreciate it a lot! Lovely to have a reader from Kenya! I like what you say about yourself here on your About page and find many things I can relate to πŸ™‚

  6. Hello how very lovely to meet you.
    You are so beautiful and sweet and have such an exciting journey ahead of you.
    Please never stop expressing your fire and passion, it is your very best quality~

    1. thanks a lot Gator woman! i love your blog too and how passionate you are about animals! its lovely of you to check out my blog and follow. looking forward to more encounters with you πŸ™‚ And i will never stop expressing myself :-))

  7. Hi Hellen!
    I love your about me page of who you are & think it’s great that you want others to know who you are. I know people who love having masks on a lot of the time. It takes a lot to get to & through them to actually know them & show them that masks aren’t really necessary. I also like having a lot of privacy & letting others view me through what I put on my blog. I do try & help others a lot to help them see who I can be to give them a part of me that never really gets out unless I am online. Love animals & wouldn’t let them get hurt or lose the beauty they bring to this planet as they are a part of me from a little kid to now of 40 yrs. The animals have been my only friends when I was always moving from place to place as a child until my parents died. I have health problems that I have had since birth. So between them & getting out & playing sports, I just blog a lot now. It doesn’t matter what I put on my blog, but to help me mature & see what is actually out there & who I can have bring me feedback about what I put on there. Thanks for accepting my subscription to your blog. Have a wonderful day & hope to see you on my blog soon!

    1. sorry i have taken so long to reply your comment! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad that blogging gives you a healthy outlet:-) I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    1. Thanks Glynis! Really sorry I didn’t see this earlier on! I recently decided to not take part in blog memes but then i thought about it and realized its a really great way of appreciating other blogs! so i will answer to this soonest i can πŸ™‚ Thanks alot :-))

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