There is this question I ask myself sometimes: What makes a person Kenyan? Being born here…being married here…Seeking asylum, applying and going through the annoying channels to rightfully be here? I am Kenyan because I’ve been here since birth. I have a right to be here- and so do many other people who have made…

Animal Lovin’

If you love animals and absolutely fab photography, you should totally check the photos here The photographer is  Tim Flach and his photography is STUNNING!  


The top most thing I care deeply enough about To dare to suck at


What if I die And wake once again To a life such as the one I have left behind And  death And birth Are  mere doorways To countless other doors And how many times To self destruct Before I can wilt Into nothingness


There should be a rule; That we small tittied gals Can go bra less And have people not stare!


I have indeed been pondering radical action. The unorthodox kind that may sound plain stupid but I  know will definitely pay off. And I got the got a second push  today from a pal who echoed my very thoughts. I believe in omens. There is a change in the wind….