Crash and Burn

you are a child watching a birdie flapping it’s wings in the throes of death and it is your hope I cannot stand! When it all boils down I will fold; i will always choose death over life Don’t you know? I never sought to heal Only to crash and burn Advertisements

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Remember This

you must never cocoon me when i want to freefall nor cuff my wrists in place when i need both hands to write, to create, to strangle myself remember when the world claims that love holds fast and never let’s go remember this i am yours to love i am no one’s to keep  

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I knew you Like a newborn knows to suckle Without ever being taught I was born knowing you Now Like the placenta that once cuddled me And cushioned me from wave after wave of the world’s violent ripples I’m spending the rest of my life Washing you off I’m forgetting you I wanted you immortal […]

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How to Win at Love

Three ways In love That you’ll always lose One : to another Another being A man A thing An obsession A dream A chance rashly seized Two: to nothingness To the empty space Of a memory eternally lost Like worlds aged and enduring Swallowed entirely In one go By a single black hole Three and […]

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Why Do We Still Live?

It’s been long since I thought of suicide, but after writing the above poem about a week ago (Viners? Anyone?) I realized that while years ago I promised myself to see all there is to life instead of just quitting it, suicide, has all along been a kill switch of sorts for me.

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I will leave you now Leave you here like this Knowing, even hoping That you will never forgive me And so leave me be Many things I once thought I couldn’t live without I have lost And I will lose all else sooner Than I would this self of mine That remains And so I […]

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Cold- am I? People compare coldness to a rock But cold is not what I am I’m numb Like a rock? But even a rock responds To the sun And the rain And the wind A rock breaks Grows hollow Merges again and becomes whole A rock changes shape Me I am no rock I […]



Is it so bad a thing To want to just sit here Lie here for days on end Until death takes me Each time, I think of a thing I deeply care about A minute later, it passes on Forgotten… Like walking away and never looking back Never even imagining What could have been Just […]

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Of all things we may owe Our fellow human beings Do we owe them our lives? Save from needy young ones That we ourselves bring forth Do we owe our lives To any other Are these lives not our own To live and do As we please Choose what battles we may And retreat from […]