The Last Letter

I will never forgive you I once told myself Knowing what I do now I know someday I will Were you not the one Who taught me first hand To be different To stand for my values  And stand tall Even if I stood alone You carved out of me A monument of pure steel So acutely hardened Not even […]

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Afternoons were sweaty and warm It’s why I slept in my underwear Yet it was never too warm To drape an arm about you While you lay next to me Cushy Like I cloud I could safely crash into Strange How persistent I was In holding you so close by Like gluing myself to you […]

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What is it you truly see Each time you look at him? The future you wished That will never come to pass Or longingly, the teen he was Before he started smoking Do you see in him The man who walked away Found another And had the guts to crawl right back What is it […]

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I knew you Like a newborn knows to suckle Without ever being taught I was born knowing you Now Like the placenta that once cuddled me And cushioned me from wave after wave of the world’s violent ripples I’m spending the rest of my life Washing you off I’m forgetting you I wanted you immortal […]

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Going Under

Three things I made sure to know how Way before I ever kissed you; To make your eyes crinkle in laughter To make your breath catch in anticipation To leave you. I go under only because I hold ropes in my hands That lead back to the surface And I’m not a black widow You […]

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Yesterday they were fighting On the incomplete second floor Of the soon to be rental houses   Shirt bunched up in fists One almost threw the other Over the unfinished floor To the hard stony ground below   They were sent home   Today they climb up the stairs One ahead of the other A […]

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Mum and dad reconciled when I was 8 years old and in class 3. We lived in Matuga back then and the place was fun for me, most of the time, because I had friends my age both from school and at home. Sundays were a great joy because of pretty Madam Irene who smelled […]



Like the fact that Awful things do occur For no apparent reason So I learn too that Only the survivors Get to firmly claim How every calamity Is for a greater good and cause The deceased have no such opinions or testimonials