A million spiky lillies Stand in lines of pale green Stretching here till infinity


Yesterday they were fighting On the incomplete second floor Of the soon to be rental houses   Shirt bunched up in fists One almost threw the other Over the unfinished floor To the hard stony ground below   They were sent home   Today they climb up the stairs One ahead of the other A…


Sometimes when I stare At an open field Or space I want to break into a run   Shoes shielding my feet The breezy wind in my face I want to run so fast My clothes flail behind Like airy veils   I’d like to run on And not pause Till I reach where The…


There is an air of despair Here A thick lingering cloud Of hopelessness An amen to whatever life brings Or takes


The sky’s darkeningBut sluggishly soLike the sun is in no hurryTo leave this torrid town Β  On the tarmac streets of GanjoniOld houses two storeys highStand on either sidePainted in clean whiteAnd tired creamIn places Β  They have narrow windowsOf glassy panesAnd woody framesAll painted whiteLike their flowery carved balconies Β  And telephone linesFrom the…