To Live For Others

Prompt: 1984 You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.   **** White. Cushy white all around me makes me damn angry. The bed is cushy, the ground is cushy, the freaking walls are cushy; the damn jacket I’m in is fucking cushy! It’s like being a sharp spiky […]

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Sue sat on the table staring down at the thick pea stew and the aromatic rice on her large flat plate. The smell of the meat soup next to her was sickening and she pushed the bowl away from her, and picked up her spoon to eat. “The grace.” Her mother’s voice cut in, making […]

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Evil Mommy

I think she will make the news one day. One of those headlines that read “Woman kills kids and self”. The rumors I heard when I moved here were that her husband left after the fourth kid. He used to sell charcoal at Kawangware, but one day, after a few of him not showing up […]

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A Husband’s Job

He grew up being told by the elder men that it is the woman’s work is to be in the kitchen among other household chores like unhanging the clothes after washing them. That’s why his dried clothes, his wife’s and his daughter’s school uniform now drip wet as it rains outside. He is in his […]

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The Unbeautiful Wife

Our neighbor fucks the girl that lives opposite us to the left side. He has a wife and two kids back in shagz*. They visited sometime back. And even if she were here, I doubt she would say anything to her unfaithful spouse. She’s one of those women who were brought up being taught that […]

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The One That Got Away

Prompt: You bump into an ex-lover on Valentine’s Day—the one whom you often call “The One That Got Away.” What happens? —————————————– It’s a bad idea to go into a cake shop when you have curves like mine. It is suicide when you do so on Valentine’s day. Alone. Of all days I could crave […]

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The dripping tap water feels good on my fingers. Beneath my palms are soapy cups I should rinse but the water lulls my thoughts. It’s quiet in the house- unnervingly quiet. So much so that my mind wanders. I stare outside the kitchen window directly in front of me and though people walk past the […]



The threesome was a bad idea from the word go. I am a mutual friend true but I’m closer to Jerald than I am to Regina. Don’t get me wrong; she can be nice enough to share her Chanel no. 5 if I asked, but she’s never been my type of girl friend. She’s too […]



The dusty terrain became more and more beige as the sun rose higher across the vast landscape of sand and scanty acacia. They were here. Ahmed sat up straighter, his aching back cracking in relief. They drove past the first of many white tents that stretched on either side of the bus windows. Dadaab. Ahmed […]

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Let no one tell you any different ; Cinderella was a lying scheming bitch! It pisses me that no one cares what “happily ever after” means or  who the hell lived happily ever after! So many people think she was the goody-two-shoes in all this yet they never cared to find out what happened after […]