Three Little Warnings

you’ve seen the tip of my iceberg and think it safe to approach? i will wreck you *** you have damned yourself to this, you say to loving me, if it’s the last thing you’ll do -do you realize it truly will be? *** love, my love is no balm for wounds it is merely […]

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Second Times the Charm

Journal Dec 15th 2016 When the exam coordinator called me sometime this year, to tell me I could not graduate because my units were not in order, I had to sit on the step of our backdoor and take a breath before I was ready to listen to the reasons she had. I’m pretty sure […]

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Sweet Spots And Parachutes

I haven’t written for the longest time; even in my journal. I have been stable enough to not need to write and I decided I will only blog when the conditions are conducive for me to do so without worrying about my blog being inactive for a month or more.  Five years blogging simply because […]

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Journal: 1st December 2016

I haven’t been writing much even offline. My journal’s last entry must have been sometime in July when I was figuring myself out after my lowest low in years perhaps. I made a pact to try things out and I have been going at them and enjoying them when life isn’t busy wasting my efforts. […]

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Journal : August 9th 2016

I am all over the place right now. I experience bursts of such high energy and creative spurts followed by flat slumps of being a potato. I sleep 8 hours but sleep at 2 a.m which means I’m usually up at 10. I tried to undo this by starting to sleep early, only to end […]

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August saunters in, serene in her grace A soft puffy cloud In a veil the color of the heavens Her iridescent train As far as the eye can see Is spun in silken thread the hue of golden sun   And July unimpressed turns away, pouting With lips purple like death by frost Head loftily […]

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The Sorrow of Tomorrow

I wear my melancholy like a heavy grey cape Trailing the ground behind me as I go So when the sorrow of tomorrow meets me she knows To meekly weave herself into the frayed thread ends Of those tears her mothers left for her to find That is her place Not loftily perched upon my […]

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Sleep eludes me yet again. 

And looking at the tiny yellow pills drowning in the space of their see through plastic bag, I wonder for a moment, how many it would take, to knock me out for a whole day straight. 

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