The One That Got Away

Prompt: You bump into an ex-lover on Valentine’s Day—the one whom you often call “The One That Got Away.” What happens? —————————————– It’s a bad idea to go into a cake shop when you have curves like mine. It is suicide when you do so on Valentine’s day. Alone. Of all days I could crave […]

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I made me a wallpaper I stuck in my room to remind me every morning, my target for 2014. When I started this year, I called it my “creative writing” year when I was to produce 52 short stories if only to be disciplined and to prove that I could stick it out and write […]

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The dripping tap water feels good on my fingers. Beneath my palms are soapy cups I should rinse but the water lulls my thoughts. It’s quiet in the house- unnervingly quiet. So much so that my mind wanders. I stare outside the kitchen window directly in front of me and though people walk past the […]



I have abandoned my blog for a long time. I know! The simple reason being- I just didn’t know what to post. I was busy working on another blog which is also a baby I love to bits (not a human baby- You know how I feel about those:-D) I have also been really caught […]



Let no one tell you any different ; Cinderella was a lying scheming bitch! It pisses me that no one cares what “happily ever after” means or  who the hell lived happily ever after! So many people think she was the goody-two-shoes in all this yet they never cared to find out what happened after […]



She knew this might happen someday but she had never planned out her reaction or anything. However, when Sara displayed her left hand with a new huge diamond stone on her ring finger, Triza knew exactly how she felt about it. “He proposed!” Sara squealed much to the delight of the three other girlfriends who […]


52 SHORTS- Keeping Up

Hey guys, I’d like to say “So what?!” but I painfully notice I have skipped two Saturdays without posting a story for my project 52 shorts. And I do have good reasons for not posting; ranging from the laptop crashing to no internet access, but I hate making excuses so I will try to recover and schedule my stories instead of waiting till Saturday to proofread and publish.This week I make up for last week so I am only one story behind.

P.S. – I also noticed that I got a great number of visits on Saturday for the 52 Shorts- and I’d like to thank y’all for the interest and for visiting my blog. Do leave a comment sometime and tell me what you think of my stories eh?

Have a fabulous week beautiful people 😀

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THE JOURNEY #3- Left Behind

NOTE: In case you missed the first and second stories : The Journey #1 The Journey #2 *************************************************************************************************** It’s been getting hotter and hotter and that’s how I know we are only a few minutes away from Mtito Andei. I had to take off my jumper a while back and along with it, the hood […]

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