moving mountains

I believe myself lucky having being born the last in my family. I did not need to act a certain way because I had to play role model and I was never second best. Nor was I third and caught in between sibling squabbles and rivalry. I was last and never had to prove myself […]

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the bravery of childhood

I have watched my niece grow up for the past three plus years since she was born, and I have gained a newfound respect for babies and children; earthlings and how persistent we are in growing and becoming better.  Once upon a time, it was unthinkable to have my niece stand without adult arms at […]

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the newness of things

The film Arrival got me thinking about language, and how/if it influences how we think. How art, in all its different forms, is at the very core, a language, and how as artists, we learn to shape and reshape this dialect to morph it into a shadow of what we feel and think; what we […]

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(iii) to fuck stupid

On the night I lost my virginity, I fucked stupid. It was at a house party, I was sufficiently tipsy, and he really wasn’t bad looking. Also I really just wanted to be rid of my stupid hymen. Back in Waa Girls (my second high school), on the right hand side of the blackboard where […]

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Growing Up Can Wait

I experience a very healthy respect for life’s unpredictability each time I think of my brother and how turbulent his job search has been. For more than five years, he went from job to school to complete unemployment to whatever job he could earn cash out of, no matter that it had nothing to do with […]

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I have always wanted to pose nude for art. Maybe because I am a nude photography enthusiast or because there is something open and fearless and self-accepting about letting the camera capture all your insecurities. For me it was my boobs. A friend once asked me “If you could go under the knife to change […]

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Took a walk around Masai market and got this face mask at only 200 shillings (2 $). While I love a good bargain, I can’t help but feel a little bad and exploitative. If these people sold it at that price, at what price did they acquire it from the carver? #poorartists



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