(iii) to fuck stupid

On the night I lost my virginity, I fucked stupid. It was at a house party, I was sufficiently tipsy, and he really wasn’t bad looking. Also I really just wanted to be rid of my stupid hymen. Back in Waa Girls (my second high school), on the right hand side of the blackboard where […]

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Growing Up Can Wait

I experience a very healthy respect for life’s unpredictability each time I think of my brother and how turbulent his job search has been. For more than five years, he went from job to school to complete unemployment to whatever job he could earn cash out of, no matter that it had nothing to do with […]

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I have always wanted to pose nude for art. Maybe because I am a nude photography enthusiast or because there is something open and fearless and self-accepting about letting the camera capture all your insecurities. For me it was my boobs. A friend once asked me “If you could go under the knife to change […]

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In about a centurywpid-2013-08-31-18.09.35.jpg
They might find this mask
Buried someplace
Eaten away
Old and chipped

And they’ll cry
With flourish
“It’s an antique!”

And put their money on it
Time, brains
and all manner of scholars
Scientists, historians
And up to date technology

They’d trace its roots as African
Throw around a number of names
Of possible carvers
Nominate one
Of the prominent ones

Then write books speculating
What it might have been used for
And list all manner
Of possible rituals

Good luck charm
The gods watching
A shaman’s mask

Because it is African
And  cannot have been
For mere decoration

They’d place it in a museum
Or to the highest bidder
Sell it at millions

And all because
It is old

For The future
To seek precious golden meaning
And look upon in admiration
In what’s drab
And ordinary
In the present

The artist is celebrated
When his heart cannot swell
Warmed by admiration
And well deserved adoration

That a thing must age
To be gold

And that the past becomes precious
Because it is lost


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Took a walk around Masai market and got this face mask at only 200 shillings (2 $). While I love a good bargain, I can’t help but feel a little bad and exploitative. If these people sold it at that price, at what price did they acquire it from the carver? #poorartists



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