Design # 22- Scarves n Skirts transform

AWESOME SCARF DRAB SKIRT P.S. I love the scarf too much to cut it up and make this dress- so it was just for the photo. Gives me ideas though! πŸ˜€ *makes mental note to go scarf shopping and learn to make clothes *


We all have ’em-Β  things we never use but just cant find it in our hearts to throw em or give em away. Make them into some jewellery or a thing of beauty!


    This glasses pouch can double as a pencil pouch (wasted, I know but still it counts) . I am not really a fan of sheds but the sun in Mtwapa has had me thinking twice and am definitely getting me a pair.Β  They are a great fashion statement plus, they are good for…


  There is this old pair of old jeans that I had started cutting up to make bracelets and all. Then I got to the knee and I felt real bad about tearing the whole thing away. They looked baggy and really crappy as trousers but as shorts, baggy and pimped, am loving em!  …