(v) child of mine

I am 26. No one close to me that truly knows me asks about marriage anymore. That is something we laugh about when a person that doesn’t know me asks. Children however still come in the picture. Even those that know me better than most sometimes ask, “But what if?”   Some go further and […]

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What is it you truly see Each time you look at him? The future you wished That will never come to pass Or longingly, the teen he was Before he started smoking Do you see in him The man who walked away Found another And had the guts to crawl right back What is it […]

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This Too Shall Die

Does it get any truer More fierce even Than mother’s love And that too died Burnt out Like a candle recycled One too many times What makes you think This will outlast Or even outlive that? #WaitingForCupid  

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Evil Mommy

I think she will make the news one day. One of those headlines that read “Woman kills kids and self”. The rumors I heard when I moved here were that her husband left after the fourth kid. He used to sell charcoal at Kawangware, but one day, after a few of him not showing up […]

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Sometimes when I stare At an open field Or space I want to break into a run   Shoes shielding my feet The breezy wind in my face I want to run so fast My clothes flail behind Like airy veils   I’d like to run on And not pause Till I reach where The […]

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She knew this might happen someday but she had never planned out her reaction or anything. However, when Sara displayed her left hand with a new huge diamond stone on her ring finger, Triza knew exactly how she felt about it. “He proposed!” Sara squealed much to the delight of the three other girlfriends who […]



Depression is kinda funny sometimes It gives me a kind of courage A kind of boldness To do whatever I want Whenever I want To feel whatever I want

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