Crash and Burn

you are a child watching a birdie flapping it’s wings in the throes of death and it is your hope I cannot stand! When it all boils down I will fold; i will always choose death over life Don’t you know? I never sought to heal Only to crash and burn

Remember This

you must never cocoon me when i want to freefall nor cuff my wrists in place when i need both hands to write, to create, to strangle myself remember when the world claims that love holds fast and never let’s go remember this i am yours to love i am no one’s to keep  

An Other Way to Love

i need you to let me walk to the edge of a cliff knowing without a doubt that i will jump off and i need you to let me walk on without trying to stop me can you love me like this?

Three Little Warnings

you’ve seen the tip of my iceberg and think it safe to approach? i will wreck you *** you have damned yourself to this, you say to loving me, if it’s the last thing you’ll do -do you realize it truly will be? *** love, my love is no balm for wounds it is merely…

Impressions of Wundanyi

Three things I always look forward to when visiting Wundanyi; the misty evenings, the library, great laughs and peace of mind. The library the tops the list. It rarely has people and has gems of books some of whose last-borrowed stamps read the early 90’s. This saddens me a little because I think books get…


You claim it will happen to me too That life deforms us all That I should not be too quick To point an accusing finger at you when questioned So then tell me Is there a demon That takes hold of us When we reach a certain age? Is it in our genes And when…


You taught me love Is a rose whose thorns Were petrified into the glassy stone Of a rare rare gem You said to hold it fast Hold it tight in the cradle of my palm That it may pierce the delicate insides it touches But a ready spear it will be For when the world…


I love you I do It’s very simple I. Love. You. And once upon a time That love was a tree With branches and leaves And flowers of loyalty We cut it down Remember? To burn fires to warm Our cold cold selves You shall be glad to learn My love still remains It survived…


What is it you truly see Each time you look at him? The future you wished That will never come to pass Or longingly, the teen he was Before he started smoking Do you see in him The man who walked away Found another And had the guts to crawl right back What is it…

Going Under

Three things I made sure to know how Way before I ever kissed you; To make your eyes crinkle in laughter To make your breath catch in anticipation To leave you. I go under only because I hold ropes in my hands That lead back to the surface And I’m not a black widow You…

What is Love?

“I love you,” he said out of nowhere. Didn’t say it with a dot-dot-dot needing a “Ditto”. He just put it out there and smiled, like someone merely saying the sky is a beautiful blue.


He came back for me, she said. Crying, begging on his knees, pleading…he came back severally and said he could not do without me.   She told me this with the air of someone subtly convincing another, that they are loved.