Three Little Warnings

you’ve seen the tip of my iceberg and think it safe to approach? i will wreck you *** you have damned yourself to this, you say to loving me, if it’s the last thing you’ll do -do you realize it truly will be? *** love, my love is no balm for wounds it is merely…


You claim it will happen to me too That life deforms us all That I should not be too quick To point an accusing finger at you when questioned So then tell me Is there a demon That takes hold of us When we reach a certain age? Is it in our genes And when…

Lessons in Pain

I was told that I should endure all pain that came my way as practice for future pain I will encounter in life and that, rather than run away and cut people off, I should learn to suffer the hurt they inflicted because that’s the price of roses.


I don’t know how it begun- this state of being numb. I really have no idea what triggered it. And it has happened before- this numbness-but it has always been tinged with sadness and painful feeling inside. This time, it’s just numb and most of what I feel is mere knee-jerk reactions to things.


There is grace In giving in And walking away Poise In discerning your strengths Knowing to push wheels And not walls There is a wise patience In letting go To await Another turn Not cowardice Nor pessimism Grace Choosing battles well And retreating From others Not avoidance Nor self defeat Acceptance There is grace In…


Wanting to believe And trust in God all I can I remember my bad times And other traps I got lucky Not to be snared in


I don’t think we ever truly heal Ever truly get over Shit that makes us who we are Some people just lock it up In a place they don’t go to But it’s there Waiting… Waiting for one crack on the wall That will make the gates Explode