Afternoons were sweaty and warm It’s why I slept in my underwear Yet it was never too warm To drape an arm about you While you lay next to me Cushy Like I cloud I could safely crash into Strange How persistent I was In holding you so close by Like gluing myself to you…


I knew you Like a newborn knows to suckle Without ever being taught I was born knowing you Now Like the placenta that once cuddled me And cushioned me from wave after wave of the world’s violent ripples I’m spending the rest of my life Washing you off I’m forgetting you I wanted you immortal…

Going Under

Three things I made sure to know how Way before I ever kissed you; To make your eyes crinkle in laughter To make your breath catch in anticipation To leave you. I go under only because I hold ropes in my hands That lead back to the surface And I’m not a black widow You…

What is Love?

“I love you,” he said out of nowhere. Didn’t say it with a dot-dot-dot needing a “Ditto”. He just put it out there and smiled, like someone merely saying the sky is a beautiful blue.

How to Win at Love

Three ways In love That you’ll always lose One : to another Another being A man A thing An obsession A dream A chance rashly seized Two: to nothingness To the empty space Of a memory eternally lost Like worlds aged and enduring Swallowed entirely In one go By a single black hole Three and…

This Too Shall Die

Does it get any truer More fierce even Than mother’s love And that too died Burnt out Like a candle recycled One too many times What makes you think This will outlast Or even outlive that? #WaitingForCupid  


Once a rose blooms Into velvety smooth perfection Unfurls in all its glory Like a child’s pretty tutu I close my eyes Freeze that beauty In a place untouched by time And then I leave Before that rose shrivels Like a dying butterfly’s wings And dies away Like I know it must

The Farness of Love

When were we taught That we must have someone By our side Constantly Relentlessly Just in case we need them sometime? Can I not depend on your affection And enduring loyalty After ages Of absence From each other You can count on mine for sure If anything My loyalty grows More fierce The further I…


I am wary of loving How many have I loved so And bled ages for And how strange that now All are nothing But mere statistics Strangers I know from some place  For the stray cat I feed Whose roots I have no clue I care more Than I do The mere thought of those…


Who taught me To love this deep