(iv) to love a girl

In a Catholic school, where daily mass was compulsory, and skirts could not go higher than the knees, I once loved a girl. It was very discreet and not at all like those secrets you told your best friends after a pinky swear. A cute crush in German class you whispered about excitedly, underneath curved […]

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(iii) to fuck stupid

On the night I lost my virginity, I fucked stupid. It was at a house party, I was sufficiently tipsy, and he really wasn’t bad looking. Also I really just wanted to be rid of my stupid hymen. Back in Waa Girls (my second high school), on the right hand side of the blackboard where […]

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(ii) the ways of the tongue

My first (and only) boyfriend while in high school was a little older and already done with school. My family heard the rumors and my siblings couldn’t get enough of teasing me. I tend to be very secretive about my romantic affairs because I feel like the people around me begin to have high hopes; […]

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(i) touch and go

When I was young and we’d play with the estate kids at Sikujua Estate (Voi) we’d play a game called “Cha Kimama”. It’s basically playing House but some kids knew there was more to being daddy and mommy than just coming from work, cooking for the family or tending to the kids. Some kids knew […]

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Sext Me poems and stories

Originally posted on Jalada:
Jalada 01: Sext Me poems and stories (fiction) Part the First » ・ “Coming down” by Akati Khasiani ♀ ・ “Sex Ed for village boys” by Alexander Ikawah ♂ ・ “Bobbitt wars” by Nkatha Obungu ♀ ・ “The sportsman” by M. Neelika Jayawardane ♀ ・ “Prey” by Zak Waweru ♂ ・…

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The threesome was a bad idea from the word go. I am a mutual friend true but I’m closer to Jerald than I am to Regina. Don’t get me wrong; she can be nice enough to share her Chanel no. 5 if I asked, but she’s never been my type of girl friend. She’s too […]



Touching you is like Playing with a penis Each stroke moves you And every shiver underneath Echoes onto your skin Like music’s humming I know now what they mean When they say that blood sings

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I am wary of loving How many have I loved so And bled ages for And how strange that now All are nothing But mere statistics Strangers I know from some place  For the stray cat I feed Whose roots I have no clue I care more Than I do The mere thought of those […]

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I only love you like that When I want to fuck you Other times I love you gently Truly, purely The way I should You say you want it this way That it doesn’t matter How my heart wants you now Then spurns you Tomorrow But I cannot I cannot love you Like that I […]

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