Lovely Bits

If I craved buns Or the veggies therein I know where to get them Thank you very much I want only the yummy bits in-between  That glistening chunk of thick saucy beef Amid the two bland buns and leafy lettuce That’s the only part that I’m interested in I want only The yummy tasty bits…


I prefer books to actual people  The hundred imaginary ones I see As a story unfolds, I find Have stayed closer Kept me warmer for longer Than friends I’ve spent ages with Perhaps it’s why I’d rather live with the memory of you Than sprint till the end And see what this transforms into I’d…


Once a rose blooms Into velvety smooth perfection Unfurls in all its glory Like a child’s pretty tutu I close my eyes Freeze that beauty In a place untouched by time And then I leave Before that rose shrivels Like a dying butterfly’s wings And dies away Like I know it must

The Farness of Love

When were we taught That we must have someone By our side Constantly Relentlessly Just in case we need them sometime? Can I not depend on your affection And enduring loyalty After ages Of absence From each other You can count on mine for sure If anything My loyalty grows More fierce The further I…


Everything that burns Must come to ashes Not everything; You counter Gold doesn’t.   Is that what we are then? Are we gold? #WaitingForCupid  


There must be more to explore Of life and the simple state of being This can’t be it The end game, the destination The ultimate quest? It cannot be With a universe infinite And ever transforming Surely there’s more to living Than having babies and finding the one #WaitingForCupid


Wattpad is full of shitty stuff. No wonder my sister has installed and uninstalled it twice already by now. It however also contains gems of stories. After about a week of constant searching, you may be lucky to find two amazing stories to follow up and I must say I have been pretty lucky.