Nomadic Transitions

In the past one month, I have traveled to and from Nairobi more than six times for one reason or another. It’s been exhausting, I’ve had drama with shitty transportation and sleeping arrangements and I even had my menses descend upon me en route one time. Perfect timing uterus! It’s been hard getting anything done. […]

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Wattpad is full of shitty stuff. No wonder my sister has installed and uninstalled it twice already by now. It however also contains gems of stories. After about a week of constant searching, you may be lucky to find two amazing stories to follow up and I must say I have been pretty lucky.


Beauty as Soul Food

Much of my teen and early adult life has been characterized by an uncertain and perhaps doomed-to-fail kind of future. My high school teacher had me choose law for my degree choices but I knew I would never go that way. I could never survive an 8-5 kind of career either; I knew this in […]

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I have abandoned my blog for a long time. I know! The simple reason being- I just didn’t know what to post. I was busy working on another blog which is also a baby I love to bits (not a human baby- You know how I feel about those:-D) I have also been really caught […]


52 SHORTS- Keeping Up

Hey guys, I’d like to say “So what?!” but I painfully notice I have skipped two Saturdays without posting a story for my project 52 shorts. And I do have good reasons for not posting; ranging from the laptop crashing to no internet access, but I hate making excuses so I will try to recover and schedule my stories instead of waiting till Saturday to proofread and publish.This week I make up for last week so I am only one story behind.

P.S. – I also noticed that I got a great number of visits on Saturday for the 52 Shorts- and I’d like to thank y’all for the interest and for visiting my blog. Do leave a comment sometime and tell me what you think of my stories eh?

Have a fabulous week beautiful people 😀

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