moving mountains

I believe myself lucky having being born the last in my family. I did not need to act a certain way because I had to play role model and I was never second best. Nor was I third and caught in between sibling squabbles and rivalry. I was last and never had to prove myself […]

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the bravery of childhood

I have watched my niece grow up for the past three plus years since she was born, and I have gained a newfound respect for babies and children; earthlings and how persistent we are in growing and becoming better.  Once upon a time, it was unthinkable to have my niece stand without adult arms at […]

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the newness of things

The film Arrival got me thinking about language, and how/if it influences how we think. How art, in all its different forms, is at the very core, a language, and how as artists, we learn to shape and reshape this dialect to morph it into a shadow of what we feel and think; what we […]

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Nomadic Transitions

In the past one month, I have traveled to and from Nairobi more than six times for one reason or another. It’s been exhausting, I’ve had drama with shitty transportation and sleeping arrangements and I even had my menses descend upon me en route one time. Perfect timing uterus! It’s been hard getting anything done. […]

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Wattpad is full of shitty stuff. No wonder my sister has installed and uninstalled it twice already by now. It however also contains gems of stories. After about a week of constant searching, you may be lucky to find two amazing stories to follow up and I must say I have been pretty lucky.


Beauty as Soul Food

Much of my teen and early adult life has been characterized by an uncertain and perhaps doomed-to-fail kind of future. My high school teacher had me choose law for my degree choices but I knew I would never go that way. I could never survive an 8-5 kind of career either; I knew this in […]

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