I write to remember
To be angry
And sad
And passionate about things
I think need change

I write to remember
That life can be better
This isn’t all there really is
There could be more
And I know so

To not get caught
In the lazy monotony
Or cowardice
Of a perseverance
That doesn’t seek
Greener fields

I write to remember
To be true to myself
And fair to others

That if ever
A man shall convince me
To walk to the altar
I write this verse
To remember
To not make the vows

To swear for better or worse
To lay my life
For another
And promise to stay
Even if he wrongs me
In ways I do not forgive
Will be a big big lie

So, I write this
To remind myself
To never promise
To stick by anyone
“No matter what”

I do unconditional love
I do not
Unconditional loyalty

The only loyalty I have
Is to my self

When my heart is miserable
I always walk away
To seek a better day

Misery caused by circumstance
I can try to maneuver
Change my attitude
Look on the bright side
And be positive about it

But when it comes to people
An ass is an ass is an ass
There is no end
To their appalling habits

So I must not promise
I should remember this

I must never promise to stay
For better or worse

This part of me
Shall never change

I will always walk away


6 thoughts on “FOREVER A LEAVER

        1. We have more options in this day unlike then when women were stay at home people to nurture the village e.t.c. I like that we have options now instead of being stuck to society’s notions of what a woman should or should not do.

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